Not only do these security systems protect property and deter crime, they help keep people safe and provide a huge range of security benefits to many businesses and homes, plus gives piece of mind when your away.

Motion Detection

Unlike cameras that run every hour of the day, motion sensors save energy and storage space on your recording device. They are the smart way to protect your home. They save your home, your money, and the environment. Motion security cameras only turn on when they need to be on.

Remote Access and Control

The users of this application can watch their loved ones, including kids, pets, elders or anyone on a number of devices. Users can switch between the cameras.

360 degree fisheye camera

A 360° fisheye lens cameras are great for anyone looking to expand the scope of their surveillance without investing in several different cameras. With a built-in microphone, multiple display and flattening options, you can also view your image in a flat panoramic view, and a ton of incredible specs and features, this 4K fisheye security camera is a great option for full 360° coverage.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Automatic Number Plate Recognition also known as ANPR or ALPR is often thought of as technology commonly used by traffic police or parking management companies but ANPR cameras and optional software are affordable to any property owner even in homes.

ANPR CCTV cameras capture vehicle number plates, compare against a white/black list and trigger a low voltage relay to open gates, bollards, doors, activate sounders and more!

They are standalone IP CCTV cameras that don’t need a DVR or NVR to work. They’ll capture number plates from the front or rear of a vehicle and can even capture partial plates. They are easy to setup, use and control using Internet Explorer and can store numberplate data on a built in SD card or by FTP to the cloud as back up or to share.

Facial Recognition

Like fingerprints or voices, each face is unique and has distinct characteristics. Facial recognition CCTV systems compare these characteristics through facial biometrics and face recognition algorithms and by using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

CCTV cameras can integrate advanced AI which gives sophisticated facial recognition functionality by matching images to a database, as well as counting people and perimeter protection. Both AI-based facial recognition technology and facial recognition software can instantaneously search databases of faces and compare them to one or multiple faces that are detected in an area.

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