My Works


One of my works is replacement an outdated two-unit fuse box with a new panel complete with an integrated surge protector. One benefit of surge protectors is that it protect your electronics from power surges in your electrical system. Electrical wiring regulations recommend that fuse box must be inspected for safety.

Outdated two part fuse box
This is a sample of an outdated two part fuse box.
New fuse box including surge protection.
Inside the new fuse box including surge protection.
outdated two-part fuse box
This is another sample of an outdated two part fuse box.
New Smart Fusebox
This is the newly installed fuse box with surge protection.


Some of the purposes of outdoor lighting are to maintain or to improve the visual performance of the persons conducting activities, creates a warm welcome for guests & provides highlights to architectural features. We can provide you modern lighting designs according to the style that you want. 

New Outside Lights_Stone House
A lovely stone house with a newly installed modern outdoor wall lighting.
Outdoor Lights
The best outdoor wall lights for a stone house.
New Outdoor Lights
This is the night view of the new stylish outdoor wall lighting.


Bathroom downlights can be used to create a relaxed ambiance or bright functional lighting. You can see another set of my works on the photos shown below. Those are newly installed fire rated bathroom downlights, extractor fans, and mirror. 

Fire rated down lights
New fire rated down lights.
heated mirror with a built in lights
A new heated mirror with a built in lights.
Fire rated switchable color down lights
More fire rated switchable colour downlights with an integrated extractor fan.


We replaced outdated and unsafe swimming pool controls with safer, professionally fitted, units. The advantages of replacing it include the steady quality of water and the significantly reduced chemical and repair costs.

Outdated and unsafe pool controls
A sample of outdated and unsafe pool controls.
Swimming Pool Controller Replacement
This is the swimming pool controller replacement.
New Pool Controller
Inside of the new swimming pool controller with a safe and tidy fuse box.